Life is bitch, hold close

Seen in Dar es Salaam yesterday, at the corner of Garden Avenue and Shaaban Robert Street. Better the colonial, than the native born kleptocrat.

I’m not sure that’s much of a choice, frankly. But in a town with little electricity and almost no  diesel or petrol, our spray painting tweeter is not far off with his first statement.

Hold close.


8 responses to “Life is bitch, hold close

  1. Amazing, love to know who wrote that!

  2. Of course the “Bora Mkoloni” should be seen in historical perspective and I don’t think one can find a stronger insult (without matusi). Were university students not expelled in the 70s for saying the same?

    • 1966, actually. UDSM students protested a decision by Kawawa to make national service mandatory for university graduates, as well as everybody else – something that didn’t go down well with the pampered students. Ivaska’s book Cultured States (two posts ago) deals with the issue in fascinating detail. One of their banners on the day of the fateful march (that was met by Nyerere who expelled them on the lawns of Ikulu) reportedly read “Terms Harsh – Colonialism Was Better”.

  3. Thanks for that, must read the book. My guess would be that it is written by a university student studying history ….

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  5. Street kids who used to reside in the old colonial building at the same site before demolished are the one who wrote it..I know them and it’s almost true….

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