Budget 2011-12 Scorecard

The Chadema vision and the proposal to do away with MPs sitting allowances is just the start of our salvation.

The Loliondo cure needs to be investigated carefully.

Some MPs do not act in the Nation’s interests

The National Budget 2011-12 is still fragile (hurts)

I’d say that’s as astute an analysis of Tanzania’s budget as you’ll find in any of the print media here. And it’s from the Kigamboni signwriters, previously featured here.

As always, they present their views with a populist sensibility. But in conversation too, the headline budget figures trip off their tongues (13.5 trillion envelope, over 900 billion on allowances), and they’re not so partisan or of one mind as the first headline may suggest. And ongoing concerns about the Loliondo cure are not brushed aside in the budget fever – these boys want answers.


One response to “Budget 2011-12 Scorecard

  1. In a nut shell! Interesting!

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