Holy Succubus, Batman!

DC Comics last month unveiled its latest cartoon superhero. The comics world is excited as he’s black African. His name? Batwing.

"Batwing". What's he up to? (copyright IGN)

“Batwing” of course is no stranger on the East African coast. The terrifying Popobawa (literally, Batwing in Swahili) has been terrorising the coast and Isles on and off since at least the the mid1990s if not earlier, sodomising men and women alike in the dead of night.

For more on Popobawa, check Martin Walsh’s paper  in the University of Dodoma’s Journal of Humanities, Vol 1, No. 1

Whether Batwing’s superpowers are a match for those of Popobawa remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t be betting on DC Comics’ Batwing in a head to head.


One response to “Holy Succubus, Batman!

  1. Love. This. Post.

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