My tabloid hell

MPs letting their hair down in Club 84!

Catherine Magige, Vicky Kamata, Lucy Mayenga, Halima Mdee all compete on the beauty front!

Sugu, Zitto, Mkosamali, January= Handsome Boys!

University of Dodoma students swarming the MPs at every  guesthouse and hotel!

This week’s Ijumaa Wikienda has a particularly vivid cover. Top graphics from our leading popular tabloid stable of Global Publishers.

Global Publishers is of course led by Eric Shigongo – CCM Youth Wing leader and unsuccessful contestant in the party primary for Buchosa constituency (a contest I as good as predicted he would win).

More interestingly, his Uwazi title seems to be the only paper – ‘quality’ or otherwise – to have picked up on the sweep of local authorities by Chadema across the north and north west. They now control eleven councils, many urban, up from three (feel free to correct me on that latter figure). This week’s Uwazi editorial (not online) tackles the issue. Uwazi cautions the new authorities on the expectations of the urban youth and suggests that though they may have come in on that wave, it may also be their undoing.

Shigongo’s roots  and political ambitions are in Mwanza Region. Clearly, he’s up for it.

(image copyright Global Publishers)


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