Markets in Everything: Dar traffic edition.

Risasi can reveal that pregnant women are used by Dar es Salaam drivers to beat congestion. The investigation further confirmed that drivers of taxis and private vehicles compete for pregnant women, especially in the morning hours when they can be got at bus stands and given a lift on condition that they scream with pain if they are stopped by the traffic police for illegal overtaking……..

[Risasi’s investigation] discovered that the more  heavily pregnant women are those mostly like to get this assistance, labelled “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”. Some drivers interviewed by Risasi in Dar confirmed that this takes place and that the fault lies with the city’s poor infrastructure. “Everything has a solution. If you are lucky enough to get a pregnant woman and give her a lift, then if you’re stopped by the traffic police you tell them you are rushing her to hospital to give birth. And then when he sees her, she has to really let on she’s in pain”, said Fredwaa, a bus conductor on the Posta-Kimara route, who knows this issue from the inside.

Eric Shigongo’s Global Publishers team  come up with the goods once again. The full story can be read here (Swahili encouraged).

A more empirical look at Dar’s traffic issues can be found at the Centre for Economic Prosperity.


2 responses to “Markets in Everything: Dar traffic edition.

  1. Awesome! The good bit- necessity is the mother of utilitarian innovation, and a good piece of investigative is a fine thing. The bad bit- dude, these are women’s ways of handling circumstances. Outing the Sisterhood is a double-edged thing. Consequence: real preggers who need to get to the hospital will be intercepted and disbelieved by cops. Thank you Risasi? Um. Let me think about it.

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