Getting the balance right?

Tanzania’s weekly Raia Mwema newspaper has been looking into campaign fund raising by the ruling CCM party for the past two weeks. Is compliance emerging as an unexpected outcome of the five yearly campaign fund raising squeeze?

Nevertheless, investigations by Raia Mwema have revealed that while  some of those large businessmen were happy to to submit to party requests for money as they were able to benefit through such things as tax evasion, others are beginning to realise that more money can be made by following the law of the land than giving in to pressure to give contributions that are now costing them.

Full story here. Last week’s story here (Swahili required).


2 responses to “Getting the balance right?

  1. Campaign financing in Tanzania is still very ambigous. We in the opposition oppose the Campaign finance law because it compels the contributors to be known and so we are worried that TRA will then harass them. But is transparency not the fundamental of the campaign finance law? In 2005 mining companies wanted to give funding to parties for elections (as they do in South Africa) in a transparent way (ofcourse for their own interests) but the government vehemently opposed them. However we came to realise that they gave millions to CCM and in return they got a GN no. 99 to exempt fuel taxes for the life of the mine (signed on 15th October 2005 in the midst of campaign by a Minister who was not substantive then).
    For sure, business people will do well following the laws. However, all over the world businesses give money for campaigns for a return in contracts etc. Did you follow a story of FDP party in Germany with Hotel VAT?

  2. Campaign financing in Tanzania is not at all ambiguous- it is plainly corrupt. Who in the formal and informal employment sector doesn’t have that “invitation letter” in their email inbox-slash-mwenyekiti-wa-mtaa? Hm. Anyways, asante kwa hiyo mifano hai, ZK.

    The day when TRA learns to spell transparency is the day we might have a chance at honest conversation about this issue. Big money + big politics= non-transparent love affair. Show me the politician who hasn’t taken a bribe and I will show you an unsuccessful electoral candidate.

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