Be a match for Devan

Devan is the four year old son of one of my dear friends. He lives in Washington DC. He got leukemia a couple of years ago. He thought he had it beat, but it’s back. This time he needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

There is a one in 200,000 chance of him getting a matching donor. Partly, this is because he is of mixed european and south asian descent. So if that matches you or somebody you know, get busy.

One good thing: if you live in the United States or the UK it is quick, easy and painless to see if you are a match. And if you match, the transplant doesn’t involve an invasive operation.

Here in Tanzania, we can’t check if we are a match. But I’ll be in Europe in three weeks and it’s the first thing I’ll do.

And many visitors to this blog are from countries where it is possible.That includes those in South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the United States, UK, Ireland…..

To check if you are a match is easy. And if you aren’t a match for Devan,  you may be a match for somebody else. A simple swap will allow registries in the UK and the United States to record your details and you could be in a position to help somebody at some point. Consider this especially if you’re not white or are of mixed race who are not adequately represented in the registries.

All you need to know – where you can help and how – is at the Match Devan website.



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