Smiley Happy People

Elsie let us into the secrets of  vote hedging in Tanzania this week. Happily I didn’t have to sign anything to get the full collection of CCM paraphenalia in 2005 . My request for a copy of the manifesto was met with the manifesto itself along with the mini-flag, head scarf, T shirt and kanga.

But why has it taken me five years to notice that the party logo is a smiley face?

It’s winking, isn’t it?


3 responses to “Smiley Happy People

  1. WOW…. smiley face..cheeky..cheeky.

    I just saw that via you…interesting

  2. Dude! Political paraphernalia… so hot. Khangas are my favorite, going to try and score some this year. Because I too would like to be winked at by a piece of clothing.

    Have you heard the ads on the radio? There’s one targeting women…along the lines of “I am a modern woman, therefore I vote for a modern party. CCM is my party…” Does that count as campaigning? Because I thought they weren’t formally allowed to do that for a few more months…

    • ah, the 90 day campaigning rule………. Mwakyusa’s 10 million shllings flung around Rungwe recently doesn’t count either. And that’s small change – I mean, vijisenti.

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