…….was to be my membership number for CCJ – Tanzania’s newest political party. But it looks like my number is up.

Both myself and Rannil at Aid Thoughts were intrigued by CCJ’s use of a mobile phone platform for a membership drive. I thought it was a premium rate message scam. Rannil was more open to the possibilities. As a tie breaker, I decided to join.

It was painless: two messages required, the second welcoming me to the party, giving me my membership number and promising to be in touch in two weeks. I called and was assured that before the three weeks were out CCJ would be in touch with me to let me know when they’d be in my area distributing membership cards.

Three weeks later? They never write, they never call. So was it a premium rate fund raising scam, or an honest but cack handed attempt to be part of Africa’s Mobile Revolution©?

I prefer the more straightforward approach of the ever-ruling-and-about-to-split-but never quite-CCM: premium rate contributions and no nonsense about membership or anything else.

And while CCJ have maybe correctly turned me down, I should point out that I once turned down CCM and my then local branch’s invitation to me to be Mlezi wa Chama or Party Guardian. I still have the invitation letter. They even addressed me as ‘Mheshimiwa’. It was a heady feeling.


One response to “CCJ000128….

  1. fidelis mhakilicha

    hongera mimi ni mpenzi wa CCJ nipo zanzibar nitajiungaje katika chama chetu.

    mobile no.0717452000 or 0755445431

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