We must think big..

It’s been said that CCM doesn’t need to cheat in elections – its property and business interests, media access and control of public spaces means it doesn’t have to. But that’s no reason to rest on their laurels. If Kikwete has anything to with it, finding a parking space is going to get more difficult:

CCM Chairman, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete wants the party to broaden its thinking on investment and to abandon small projects, such as car parking. Instead, Chairman Kikwete urged the party to use its many valuable assets to enter large scale property development which will increase the party’s financial capacity and be a solid base for the party for many years to come.

“Our party cannot be poor. We have 396 plots in Dar es Salaam Region alone. We just need to be smarter in investment. Those assets can fund the party nation wide….. Our properties are enough to fund the party….

“We must think big. Leave behind old ideas. We have great assets in property. Now let’s start on some high rises of 20 or even 60 stories”

That’s from Ikulu Mawasiliano,  the blog of The Directorate of Presidential Communication of The United Republic Of Tanzania –  Salva Rweyemamu’s office – informing us of Chairman Kikwete’s recent tour of party offices in Kinondoni District.

Sharp eyed city residents will be familiar with many of the party’s properties. And like our President, I’ve often been surprised by how rarely the party leverages it’s substantial property portfolio: a whole block at Magomeni Mapipa that just houses ‘frame’ type shops; a tumble down building in the middle of Upanga, with rooms rented out to one man show clearing agents and hair dressers.

Now that the Chairman has spoken, how many more disputes like this one can we expect?

h/t to Mikocheni Report for pointing out Ikulu Mawasiliano


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