Ethnic people group information

Despite Nyerere and CCM’s best nation building efforts, many a hotel or guest house register in Tanzania still requires one to state one’s tribe. Given that such data are not collected in the census, you would think that guest house registers might be the best source of information, if only proxy, on population by tribe.

The Joshua Project wants to change all that:

The Joshua Project exists to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the least followers of Christ. Accurate, regularly updated ethnic people group information is critical for understanding and completing the Great Commission.

That’s not the Africa Commission, or even the Commission for Africa but the resurrected Jesus’ final instructions to his disciples to spread their new belief.

And a Commission like that needs data – data now to be found in the Joshua Project’s fascinating database. The Tanzanian data can be found here. It is remarkable for a number of reasons. The list of tribes given is exhaustive, with some surprising inclusions. The Chagga, Luguru and Gujurati are to be expected. The inclusion of the British, French Germans and Greeks is less so. But all of those are outnumbered by the “Han Chinese, Mandarin” – numbering a gobsmacking 68,000.

Bear in mind too that is notable for its lack of information on sources. It is also notable for its joyless classification of us all. Its simple minded and clichéd “People Photos” while initially making the viewer wince, and then guffaw, betray a lack of any real desire to understand you or me. Which is maybe not surprising.

Thanks to Roving Bandit for pointing out the Joshua Project


2 responses to “Ethnic people group information

  1. What a fascinating find! Now that you mention it, I suspect that guest house registers are a source of all kinds of interesting information about Tanzanian’s ethnicity, travel habits and various other important social data…

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