Twaweza listens, by the looks of things.

I’m boring myself at this stage, so this is the last Twaweza *post ever.

The John Githongo and Jamie Drummond piece which originally appeared in the Toronto Globe and Mail was notable it’s positive spin on Twaweza’s work without mentioning the minor issue that John Githongo works for Twaweza in Kenya. I gave out about that.

The piece has been re-run today by, with that little issue amended. Which is good.

Note to Twaweza: social media seems to be a big part of what you want to do. If you want to understand it…… use it. Participate. Join the conversation.

*link changed Feb 11 09 to take you to their new website, not the interim one.


5 responses to “Twaweza listens, by the looks of things.

  1. Does Twaweza have a website?

  2. Niall O Laoghaire

    Oh come on, you don’t know that the Toronto Globe didn’t make an editorial decision to exclude his involvement in Twaweza or made a mistake even. As for their involvement in social media they’re probably too busy… working

  3. Hmmm. Mildly clueless Western celebrity Afro-activist meets intelligent African opportunist NGO. Romance ensues. And why not? Proof of the pudding is in the eating- Kuleana is still alive. HakiElimu is still alive. Lets see what TWZ is going to offer up. It certainly has donor street smarts, and I say yea to them for being ruthless in their play of the development game. If your concern is a slight overstatement of their achievements, you will love donor and NGO annual reports. As for the Western media’s Africa coverage…where to begin?

    • Elsie, I’ve written plenty of donor and NGO reports. I understand the game. But I’m no longer impressed by cleverness in playing it. And anyway, is Twaweza African? As far as I can see it is a Hivos project and will become an independent African entity half way through its life. So its Dutch.

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