Even better than the real thing: Part le Pili

I had thought that Twaweza was behind me…. until this popped up in my feed reader this morning, pointing me to this piece here in the Globe and Mail. It’s John Githongo and Jamie Drummond calling for a “bottom up citizen led strategy for sustainable development.” Drummond is of course the head of ONE – Bono’s advocacy baby. Githongo needs no introduction, of course. Or maybe he does? Read on…

I really don’t know where to start. Their talk of accountability, empowerment and transparency suggests the importance of integrity in public life.

But transparency does not just apply to government budgets. It also applies to those in public life but outside government – Civil Society. Same goes for integrity.

The article is clearly aimed at global level rich world policy makers (aka donors). And it says this:

African accountability efforts by civil society and think tanks must be expanded dramatically. Efforts such as Twaweza, an East African citizen accountability movement, can be scaled up across the continent and deliver great returns on investment by empowering citizens to demand their rights.

“Returns on investment”…. that is so Davos. But seriously, if Twaweza is to be scaled up that would surely be on the basis of solid results that have been achieved already in the Twaweza programme. What are they and where can I read about them? As Githongo and Drummond say:

One of the great scandals in development is the lack of good statistics to measure progress – this area needs much more investment.


And if transparency is so important, why does the bio of John Githongo at the end of the piece not mention that he is the Twaweza director for Kenya. Surely that is relevant? The piece has been up since Thursday and it could so easily be corrected, as it was on Friday when one statistic was amended.

So I guess that Twaweza will get in touch with the Globe and Mail when they see the piece and ask for a correction on Githongo’s bio?

Chuck D and Flava Flav…. once again….. take it from the top


2 responses to “Even better than the real thing: Part le Pili

  1. uhu….you’re doing great research here…!

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