Try and keep up

You need to have your wits about you to follow the tractor saga. The state owned Daily News reported that the tender process was to be suspended, as requirements of the Public Procurement Act had not been followed. Quoting our graft busting PM, we were told:

“The alarms awakened and we realised we could have fallen into another graft trap. We want to satisfy ourselves that the procedures in awarding the tender were followed and we’ll decide on the next course of action to make sure the project goes on smoothly,” Mr Pinda said.

But setting out to satisfy yourself that correct procedures were followed is just more grandstanding. Words mean things and in this case they mean that we will be satisfied that etc. etc.

And sure enough, the army boys are steaming ahead. The Daily News again, on the appearance of the Army’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Shimbo, before the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (buried in the last para):

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff said the army in collaboration with National Service and Nyumbu Plant, plan to import and assemble tractors to support ‘Kilimo Kwanza’ initiatives. He said his office was finalising the agreement with the government of India on the matter in question. The committee met the Chief of Staff and all army units.



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