The Sheikh’s Secret Revealed

That’s the headline in today’s MwanaHalisi (which brings you to their irregularly updated website). Unfortunately, we don’t get insight into Sheikh Yahya’s use of numbers. But we do get interesting context on internal CCM machinations, manoeuvring for the presidency and the instrumental use of the occult – courtesy of Saed Kubenea. Here goes in translation:

The cause of the  threat from Sheikh Yahya Hussein that whoever opposes President Kikwete will meet a sudden death are now known.

Credible sources have told MwanaHalisi that “political turmoil” caused Sheikh Yahya to “come out and try and save his friend Kikwete”.

The political turmoil which has caused such threats and predictions is claimed to be a reaction to a group of current and past leaders of Chama Cha Mapinduzi, (CCM) which is arranging to have an alternative presidential nominee next year.

According to our source, the whole country has been over run with “ants” who are meeting with each member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) and Annual Conference Delegates to advocate great changes in party meetings to be held early next year.

Reports say that by the end of September, members of this group, called “ants” for the way in which they have over run the country, had already met and reached an understanding with 80 NEC members  who want an alternative CCM presidential nominee.

Furthermore, this group, driven by the idea that “Kikwete has forgotten us and has allowed us to be abused” has registered 1,200 out of 1,700 Annual Conference Delegates, who have the final say on the presidential candidate.

Reports say that the Secretary of this group is a Regional Commissioner in the Southern Highlands who has been given the responsibility of putting in place an alternative candidate unless Kikwete desists from isolating them.

Amongst those who have been tipped for such a position is the MP for Monduli, Edward Lowassa who has been strenuously trying to “clean himself” after the scandal of the Richmond power generation contract.

“Don’t you realise that the Mwinyi Commission will soon present its report to the President? These people have already covered every Region to meet with NEC members so that if they are under pressure from the report, they will have their supporters”, said our source.

Last week, Sheikh Yahya told journalists in Dar es Salaam will be re-elected President next year and that any opponent from within CCM will meet a sudden death.

Sheikh Yahya’s prediction, which the Presidential spokesman Salva Rweyehamu has said are just personal views which should be respected as such, is regarded as “an appropriate response to the conspiracy to topple Kikwete”

“His aim is to defeat them, even by threats. They have gone too far”, said our source.

Our source quoted he Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Makongoro Mahanga who has been reported as saying that within Kikwete’s government “there is nobody whose strength is greater than that of Lowassa.”

Makongoro is alleged to have said this during the interviews with MPs conducted by the Mwinyi Commission established by the Central Committee of CCM to identify the sources of the chokochocho between MPs and government.

On her part, the State Minister for Good Governance in the President’s Office, Sophia Simba, has been quoted in the media as saying that “Lowassa is the strong man”, something that caused misunderstandings in the Mwinyi Commission hearings.

The issue of Lowassa’s defence has been arising from time to time. Makongoro and Simba have just  been stirring the pot, but MPs such as Peter Serukamba of Kigoma Urban have been openly speaking on his behalf, as he did the day Lowassa resigned as Prime Minister last February.

Meanwhile, it is well established that the network that brought Kikwete to power in 2005 has been dissolved. This network had five principal leaders including the Speaker of Parliament, Samwel Sitta.

Apart from Sitta, others are Lowassa, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Bernard Membe and the MP for Igunga, Rostam Aziz. Currently Rostam and Lowassa are in one camp while Membe and Sitta are in another.  President Kikwete, unless secretly, has not shown his allegiance.

Political analysts say that Kikwete has been silent concerning the accusations against Rostam. He had also said that what happened to Lowassa was just a “political accident” and he has let the party disputes continue so he let join with the winning side, which can lead to misunderstandings with both sides.

Despite State House saying that Sheikh Yahya’s predictions are purely personal, they have been seen as fear mongering and a means of weakening Kikwete’s opponents.

On his part, the MP for Maswa, John Shibuda who has already declared that he wills seek the CCM presidential nomination, has opposed the Sheikh’s prediction and has accused him of “being used”.

Shibuda told this paper that he will take the nomination forms and that he is sure he will not die and that God is not on the side of thos e who engage in witchraft.

Reports say that the one who has been given the responsibility of building the network to uproot Kikwete has experience of building networks such as the one that brought Kikwete to power in 2005.

“That guy is the same one who built our 2005 network that brought Kikwete to office”, said our source.


One response to “The Sheikh’s Secret Revealed

  1. predictions should not be used to curse or assert fear to people, thats political devilishness

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