Hand to the tiller – Part le Pili

My fellow leaders, we can talk every day but we will not achieve anything for our people who are tired of our lip services. They need development to get out of extreme poverty.

That’s Samuel Sitta in yesterday’s Citizen newspaper. And who could disagree with him – guardian of democratic values, scourge of the corrupt and, let’s not forget, staunch defender of double dipping for allowances)?

And how to get out of poverty in his Urambo East constituency? Power tillers, of course. The occasion was the handing over of 12 power tillers to 12 wards in the constituency. Value? 100 million Tanzanian Shillings. We’ve already seen the unholy alliance of commercial interests and political leaders in Tanzania’s Kilimo Kwanza, or Agriculture First, campaign. So what to make of the Danish government sponsoring the Urambo power tillers, as Sitta claims? Why Urambo East and not, to take a random example, Igunga?

We’ve already recommended the Hubei Fotma power tiller. Sitta and the Danes didn’t take our word for it though. From a close look at the Citizen’s photo of the great event (not on the web see below courtesy Faustine), they’ve gone for the Thailand’s Siam Kubota.

You decide.


2 responses to “Hand to the tiller – Part le Pili

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  2. farmequip Tanzania ltd

    Indeed it is Kubota from Siam Kubota. Now we are introducing more kubota products into Tanzania. Rice transplanters, combine harvesters, tractors, riding tillers etc. All from Kubota. fact is Kubota is a good machine, we are fully behind teh product with full warranty and after sales service and so today Kubota is teh highest selling power tillers in Tanzania. There is no politics in this.

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