Who does Mo Ibrahim think he is?

Really. His absurd idea of cash prizes for ‘good’ presidents is rarely greeted with the guffaws it deserves. Flying into Dar this last weekend with Angelique Kidjo and Youssou N’dour as his court jesters – paid for by mobile phone company Zain, the company he established – smacks of megalomania.

They played two shows – one in a suburban shopping centre for the esteemed leaders and one in town for those who can afford 25,000 Tanzanian Shillings. That’s not a lot in Mo’s world, or indeed in mine, but a small fortune in Dar terms. Were they flown in just to entertain Mo and his governancistas? Couldn’t he pony up for a free show for those busy being governed?

Oh my dear Youssou….. You were once so good…

2 responses to “Who does Mo Ibrahim think he is?

  1. Capitalism. It’s all there is to say.
    I forgot last night, though.

  2. I’d like to have seen them nonetheless. Y N’d played the Diamond Jubilee in 2005. I missed that too!

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