Field Notes #3

Bouncing around another District in the big white car – this time with a former Ward Councillor as a passenger. He was animated and enthusiastic about the work of a councillor. His descriptions of how a good councillor struggles to attract resources to his Ward and to raise what he can within the Ward were vivid. With nearly twenty years as a community leader in numerous roles he still has a personality that is enthusiastic and lively.

I related to him last week’s conversation with a party activist on the importance of leaders being available and being able to pony up small amounts to meet constituents’ emergency requirements. His take:

Him: True, a leader has to be available; he must be a people person. But on the money issue, I can’t agree.  If we let things go like that, we’ll just be ruled by a rich clique

Me: But surely every member of the cabinet and most MPs are rich?

Him: You’re right – that’s how it is at the top, but we can’t let it get that way in the village.

Heaven forbid….


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