And they’re off!

The race for the presidency is on, and Reginald Mengi is well and truly in it. Mwananchi reports his trip to Kahama Constituency in the company of Harrison Mwakyembe (MP for Kyela), Aloyce Kimaro (MP for Vunjo) and five other CCM MPs. Kimaro tells us they want to clear the party of corrupt elements who may damage the chances for re-election of Jakaya Kikwete in 2010:

“Those guys are amazed we have discovered them, but we will continue to battle against them and reveal them until they accept their defeat”.

But clearly argument and stump speeches will not be enough. The centre piece of the Kahama trip was Mengi’s distribution of TZS100 million (USD77,000) for savings and credit cooperatives and TZS30 million (USD23,000) for semi official vigilante groups (the infamous sungusungu).

So you ensure that the 2010 election is yet another auction. Where will this end?


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